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Victory Ball 13th August 1919


Victory Ball

Recreation Hall

Wednesday 13th August 1919 

 A captivating photograph.

The more you look, the more you see.


This ball, to celebrate the end of World War 1, was held in the Recreation Hall of Morisset Hospital.  For many years the Recreation Hall was the hub of social activity at Morisset Hospital.  The hall itself has changed very little over the years.  It even has a stage that slopes from back to front for easier viewing of the stage activities. 

Sadly the Recreation Hall is infrequently used, if at all, nowadays.


Victory Ball Menu

 Menu inside






The 'Menu'  card from the Victory Ball

Inside the card -

Menu is Ham and Corned Beef sandwiches, Charlotte Russe, Charlotte Francoise, Trifles, Orange Gateau, Pineapple Gateau, Fruit Gateau, Custards, Wine Jelly, Tipsy Cake, High Meringues, Fruit Salad, French Pastry, Preserved Fruit, Cakes, Fruits in Season, Cordials, Tea and Coffee.

Toasts -

              The KING - Chairman Mr.G.R.Edward

              The ALLIES - "          "              "

              The A.I.F.     Mr. F.C. Cane

               Mr. S. Bower to Respond


Fancy dress mortuary cart



Right - Fancy dress party – early 1930’s Pirate Ship was the hospital mortuary cart.



Fancy dress 1920's



Right - Patients & staff in fancy dress. circa 1920



Below - Sporting picnic luncheon of Recreation Hall verandah.  Mid 1930’s

Sporting lunch




Above - Sportsmen of Morisset Hospital.  Note palm trees & historic lantern in background.  Palm trees are still in situ in 2006.

Launch outing


Right - Picnic day on the hospital launch. Early 1930’s

Mens cricket



Left - Men’s cricket team.  Early 1930’s

Below - Lady bowlers. 1950’s.  Morisset Hospital Bowling Club still exists.

lady bowlers



Below - Ladies tennis. 

Tennis ladies 






Right - Even the ladies were playing cricket in the early 1930’s.



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